frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions


How do I rent a CREA hall (music and/or theatre hall)?

Go to CREA theatre rental or CREA music hall rental, read our terms and conditions (!) and only then request a quote.

How do I rent a studio?

Go to CREA studios rental, read our terms and conditions (!) and apply for an account by phone or in person. After you put balance on this account (see top up balance), you can request studio rental by phone up to 2 months in advance. For longer-term projects or other special requests, please contact planning@crea.nl.

We expect you to have read our conditions and house rules before using our studio.

Can I teach in a CREA studio?

No, that is not allowed. Organising classes is reserved for CREA only. Renting studios is for rehearsals of performing arts only. Renting for meetings or hosting workshops, lessons, courses, etc. is not allowed. Would you like to teach at CREA? Then send your proposal to opensollicitaties@crea.nl. If interested, you will be contacted.

Are you looking for a tailor-made creative workshop? Then fill in this request form and we will contact you within 3 working days.

When are the studios available?

The studios are often occupied on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the evening for our own courses. Please call our reception at (+31)20 399 1212 to make a booking.

What are the prices for renting a studio?

The price is listed in the information of the respective studio. For a large studio, for example, the regular rate is €20 per hour. Students get a discount and pay only €6. More information on this can be found at our price categories.

How does the payment for studio rental work?

You can reserve a studio if you have a personal account. You can have this account created by contacting the CREA desk during opening hours at 020 399 1212 (+3120-3991212 for international numbers).

For a reservation, you pay directly. Reservations can only be made if you have sufficient credit on your personal account. Here you can read how to add credit to your account.

The amount you top up is a credit that is untaxed. If you need an invoice with VAT, you can request one after the rental period (1x per quarter) via planning@crea.nl.

Can I get an invoice?

After completion of the rental, you may request a VAT invoice via planning@crea.nl. CREA sends a summary invoice of bookings incl. VAT for the client a maximum of once per quarter. This allows us to keep the rental costs of our studios low.

We can therefore not send VAT invoices on money that has been topped up (as that is still your money) nor for bookings in the future, as you can still cancel them.

How do I cancel my rented space?

Go to conditions & house rules studio rental for more information on cancelling a rented space.


How do I enrol for a course?

Registration can be done at the counter or online via our website. To do so, go to the relevant course page, choose your desired start date and click on “register”. Then follow the on-screen steps or complete the payment. You will always receive a confirmation by e-mail. If you do not receive it, please check your spam folder before contacting planning@crea.nl. Registration for CREA courses is open to anyone aged 18 and over. Click here for more information about course enrolment.

How does the waiting list work?

Is your desired course full? Then you can sign up for the waiting list free of charge. You will receive an e-mail when a spot becomes available. Whoever then enrols first via the website may take part in the course. Once a course block has started, we close the waiting list.

How many classes does the course include?

You can find the course duration in the description of said course on our website. This is usually 10 weeks (one lesson per week). There are also weekend courses, day courses and summer courses. A summer week course lasts one week: you are creatively engaged for 5 days: from Monday morning to Friday afternoon (no class on Wednesday afternoon, but a final presentation on Friday evening).

How are the course blocks scheduled?

The 10-week CREA courses are divided into 3 blocks. Block 1 (autumn) starts in September, block 2 (winter) starts in December and block 3 (spring) starts in March.

We take holidays in account for these blocks: Christmas holidays for block 2 (23-12-2023 to 7-1-2024) and the May holidays for block 3 (27-5-2024 to 5-5-2024). In these cases, the courses will shift one week and there will always be space left between course blocks for any catch-up lessons in case of teacher cancellations.

There are some courses that deviate from these 10 weeks. These are the week-long courses during summer (summer courses) and a number of day courses, weekend courses and special projects. For each starting date, duration and block, please check the course page.

Are there trial lesson?

Unfortunately, we do not offer trial lessons. However, it is understandable that you would like to know what the course entails before you sign up. To get a good impression, you can admire the work of previous students at our Virtual Open House Made in CREA. The final presentations of the courses at the end of each course block are also open to everyone. CREA also offers day courses.

How does the student/alumni/staff discount work?

For more information, check our price categories.

In what language are the courses?

CREA offers courses in Dutch (NL), in English (EN) and courses open to anyone (NL/EN). Please keep in mind that within courses in the last category the teacher might use both languages to make sure everyone can keep up. Carefully check to which category your course belongs before enrolling (there’s a flag in every course information block).

I can't make it to class. How do I inform the teacher of my absence?

Please inform us by calling +3120  399 1212

Is my class cancelled? When is CREA closed?

CREA follows the official national holidays. Should your class be cancelled on another day, you will be notified. We take holidays into account: Christmas holidays for block 2 and May holidays for block 3. Click here to check when CREA is open.

How do I cancel my course enrolment?

Cancellations can be sent by e-mail to planning@crea.nl. Only if you cancel in writing up to 2 weeks before the course starts will you receive a full refund of the course fee. For more information, see our basic terms & conditions.

Can I get an invoice?

CREA does not send invoices for individual courses. Unfortunately, we do not have the manpower for that. We hope to make this possible in the future with our new ICT system. Until then, we have made sure that the e-mail confirming registration includes all the necessary information, such as price and VAT.

I would like to organise a private workshop for a group at CREA, is that possible?

Renting a studio at CREA and organising your own workshop is not allowed, but are you looking for a customised creative workshop? We are happy to think along with you. Fill in this request form and we will contact you within 3 working days.

I would like to teach at CREA. How can I contact you?

CREA usually works with regular professionals. Please note that the programme is fixed on an annual basis. The course programme for 2023-2024 is full, at the moment we are not accepting new proposals for courses in this season.

Do you have a proposal? Send it to opensollicitaties@crea.nl. Teaching without CREA’s permission is strictly prohibited.

Got another question? Feel free to contact us: send an email to planning@crea.nl or call 020 399 1212 (+3120 399 1212 for international numbers).