Corona measures

CREA has reopened on 2 June and it is also possible to rent studios, the theater or the music hall again. On the studio rental page you can find the maximum capacity  for each studio.Starting in July, the maximum capacity of our Theatre is 40 visitors and the maximum capacity of our Muziekzaal is 50 visitors (both depending on how much of the stage area is sacrificed).
Due to the coronavirus your visit to CREA will be different from what you are used to, what can you expect? Check the latest information here.

Want to practice for your own art project? Want to play the piano more often or do you want to dance like nobody’s watching? Rent a studio! CREA offers a wide range of different studios; from large dancing studios to small studios with only a piano. Prices start at €3 per hour!

Finished rehearsing over and over again and ready to climb the stage? The theatre and music hall are also for rent for your own concerts of performances!