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CREA summer courses 2020

The CREA summer courses 2020 will take place from the 6th of July till the 14th of August 2020!

Due to the coronacrisis, the summer courses will be offered in a different form this year. Considering health and safety regulations and while trying to keep the use of our building and public transportation to CREA to a minimum, the courses are split in three different versions. This is mentioned at the top of every course page.

  • Online courses: these courses will take place online only (so not at CREA).
  • Hybrid courses: in these courses you will work at CREA for at least two days, the other days you will work at home/online/outside. You start on Monday at CREA. Two weeks prior to the start of your course, you will receive more info on which days and times you are expected at CREA. If the measures are tightened, these courses will become an online only course.
  • Real-life courses: these courses can only take place at CREA. You work in small groups and where possible spread out over several studios.When, due to circumstances, the regulations are tightened again, these courses will be canceled. In that case you will get a refund.

Of course, the 1.5 meters distance is taken into account for all courses where you come together. Here you can read the general terms and conditions for the courses and here (page under construction) you can find the general measures CREA is taking regarding the coronavirus.

The summer courses remain the same: for six weeks, you can get started with a creative course, five days a week, from Monday morning to Friday afternoon. Within this new situation you can still choose from a wide range of creative courses! Maybe slightly different from other years, but we also want to be able to continue to inspire each other in these special times. Unfortunately there will be no festivals and (probably no) holidays abroad this summer, but CREA is the place to be for distraction!

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