Nicoline Snaas

Nicoline Snaas


Nicoline Snaas sings jazz as a soloist and writes her own songs. Nicoline gives workshops in ensemble singing and improvisation. She also leads Vocal Circles for Musicians Without Borders in the Tolhuistuin. She has made several CDs with the Nicoline Snaas Jazz quartet and trio and with the Christmas Angels. Nicoline led the CREA women’s choir ‘Tell Mama We’re Late’ for many years, and taught at Djam (jazz school Amsterdam) for 18 years.

In recent years, she has been leading larger events (several choirs, soloists and musicians) such as commemorations on May 4th, family choir camp Amersfoort and Christmas concerts. Her passion is connecting people with singing and letting people reorient themselves with their bodies and voices. Nicoline herself loves playing, the spontaneous play that happens when you are together and you have music as a tool to challenge each other with.

“Put me in front of a group and things start swinging and sparkling. People often become happy and get a warm feeling from the sound together and being allowed to invent themselves, to turn on their creativity.”

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