Aissa Kraayenbrink

Aissa Kraayenbrink


Aissa Kraayenbrink graduated as a performing dancer from the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK), discipline Urban Contemporary (UCD, 2014-2018). Before that she danced at the 5 o’clock, a dance preparatory course at the AHK and studied Law at the University of Amsterdam (UvA, 2010-2014). During her dance training she has worked with various choreographers, such as Gianni Grot, Shumpei Nemoto, Heidi Vierthaler and Ivan Perez. During her internship year she has worked with choreographers Giulio D’Anna, Anne Suurendonk and The100Hands, among others. She also made her duet ‘In Lak’ech’ and was programmed for Delft Fringe Festival, Amsterdam Fringe Festival and CC Amstel Danst (2019). After her graduation Aissa is active as a maker, dancer and dance teacher (urban contemporary, modern and improvisation).

Focus points in her class include flow, elongation, dynamics, musicality and sensibility of one’s own physique and in relation to space. Aissa likes to challenge the dancers to detach themselves from their heads and shift their attention to their bodies in order to eventually achieve an authentic experience of freedom while dancing. In this way she hopes to create awareness for the expressive qualities of the body and for the language of movement that can encompass more than just the correct execution of movements.

Courses given by this teacher: