Wennah Wilkers

Wennah Wilkers


Wennah Wilkers (born 1992 in Tarlac) is a Filipino dancer, choreographer and teacher who breaks down the barriers between contemporary and urban dance. Since graduating from the Amsterdam School of the Arts, she has been spreading her authentic dance language in theatres, cyphers and workshops/lessons. She is part of the house dance crew XGEN, with which she is active on an international level.

For Wennah, dance is a way of connecting with a feeling of freedom and ecstasy. Her passion for dance stems from the inner drive to experience that freedom. She recognises the urgency of house culture, in which the liberation of the individual, the celebration of life through dance and letting yourself be led by music and released from entrapment plays an important role.

Based on these values, she strives to share this experience of freedom with her audience and students through work that is created through playful research and experimentation.

Wennah has performed in several theatre productions and this has inspired her desire to create her own work. For the year 2022-2024 she is following a trajectory for this via the Nieuwe Makersregeling. In the summer of 2022 she will be at the Over ‘t IJ festival in Amsterdam with her production CYPHER.

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