Feadan McCall

Feadan McCall


Feadan McCall is a dancer, teacher and choreographer, graduated from the Amsterdam School of the Arts – JMD/UCD ’15.
Since then she has been working as a dancer, for dance company ISH, dance theatre AYA and as a choreographer for 9x13Fanfare, Klang Ensemble, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Kijkgeluid?! and the National Ballet Orchestra.

She has her own collective ‘Energy Movement’. An improvisation technique developed by Feadan and Reve Terborg since 2015, which is given weekly to on-& offline participants and is continuously developed during Feadan’s own rehearsals. The Energy Movement aims for more fun, curiosity and awareness through dance. See www.feadanmccall.com for more information.

Courses given by this teacher: