submit event to CREA agenda

Submit event to CREA agenda


In agreement with colleagues from CREA rental or CREA programming, you have planned an event in one of the CREA halls and would like to be included on our website and any other channels! You can use this form to submit your event.
Criteria your event must meet are:

  • The event takes place in the CREA theatre hall, CREA music hall or the CREA café (with the exception of projects supported by the CREA fund and concerts by the CREA Orchestra and Student Choir Amsterdam).
  • It is a public event.
  • You have received confirmation from CREA that the event has been scheduled on the specified date (no options).

Events that meet the above criteria are always posted on the CREA website. CREA keeps the right to choose which calendar information is included on other channels (social media/newsletter), giving priority to its own programming. Correctly submitted events are usually posted on the CREA website the Monday after submission.

If you have any questions or would like to change/add event information, please contact

It may be that the above button gets stuck on ‘processing’. In that case, we will still receive the form.
This is a bug and will be solved as soon as possible. You can contact if you want to be sure we’ve received the info.