Jasper Kooper

Jasper Kooper

Since studying spatial design and drawing at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, Jasper Kooper has exhibited at several locations at home and abroad.
He has been working as a visual artist and educational consultant for a few years now.
His current work consists of stuffed birds and mechanical sculptures that he lets interact with their environment through electronics and sensors. This work is supported by drawings in which birds play the main role.
Kooper is inspired by movements from nature and mechanical objects.
The visual and tangible poetry, like a ballet without choreography, growing through evolution.
Mechanisms and natural movements merge into kinetic objects that retain a natural experience.

Humans have prejudices, it is a biological mechanism. The art of judgment-free viewing is to wonder and be curious about everything you encounter.
The engaged observer becomes an objective observer, full of wonder, in this case through his work, in the perception of the world, both introspectively and towards the world around you.

For more info visit jasperkooper.nl.

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