Ike Krijnen

Ike Krijnen


In 2015, Ike Krijnen (1984) entered into the world of spoken word. After a performance at RADIATOR (Amsterdam, PoetryPusher) a nomination for the Van Dale Spoken FM Awards soon followed. Since then, Ike has been performing in theatres, at events and festivals, and writing on commission. As one of the earliest members of Spoken Agency (previously Clubspoken) he has turned spoken word/storytelling into a fulltime job. He also writes poetry autonomously, and acts as editor for the English poems under his pseudonym I.G. Karfield (online since 2009).

Ike studied poetry at, and graduated from the Schrijversvakschool (Amsterdam) in 2018. His thesis was well received by the reviewers, poets K. Michel, Runa Svetlikova and Erik Jan Harmens. The poem ‘opa vertelt’ (grandpa speaks) was published in the anthology Goudlicht en avondschijn (GOLD LIGHT AND EVENING SHINE) by Turing Foundation/POëZIECENTRUM (2017).


photo: Colin Hill Imagery

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