CREA fund

CREA fund

CREA grants!

Students from UvA or HvA who have plans for projects such as an exposition, a theatre performance, a film or another event? Then appeal to CREA fund and make it come true!


Your own project can be an event, an experiment, a happening, a performance, a conference, a lecture, a show, an object – your plans can’t be wild enough, as long as they are related to the activities of CREA. Also student groups who perform in CREA theater can appeal to the fund to be subsidised in their costs.


CREA grants a maximum of 12.5% of the total project budget. A maximum amount is not set, but do not expect thousands of euros. Think towards an amount that is reasonable in relation to the nature, scope and purpose of the project. Payment of the awarded grant is made after the project is completed and the financial justification is received.


  1. You are a student at UvA or HvA.
  2. The project should take place in Amsterdam.
  3. The project should be realised within twelve months.
  4. The project should be related to the activities of CREA (the arts, lectures or debates).
  5. The group which makes an application should consist of students for at least 50%, with a minimum of 2 students, from UvA or HvA.
  6. The budget must include your own personal contribution.
  7. The project must result in some sort of public presentation.
  8. The public presentation of the project must take place at least 2 months after the application deadline (i.e. after 1 June 2024 or after 1 February 2025).
  9. CREA does not subsidise costs for catering and/or consumption.
  10. CREA must be mentioned in all means of publicity. So please keep the deadline date in mind when planning print and other publicity.

payment of the grant

The project must be accounted for financially afterwards by a financial statement; an explanation of this statement in which any windfalls or setbacks are accounted for; original documentation (receipts or invoices) showing that the grant awarded was actually spent.

application deadline

In 2024, applications will be assessed at 2 points in time. The deadlines to be included are:

  • 1 April 2024
  • 1 December 2024

To be included, the application must be in by this date. The CREA fund committee decides on awarding money and/or facilities within two weeks of the deadline. No discussion is possible on this decision.

accepted applications

CONGgres – studievereniging Congo 500,00
I, the performance – AUC-studenten 520,00
Mightysociety9 (STA!) 500,00
Wijsgerig festival Drift 750,00
TedXAUCollege 750,00
RENT – Miro Productions 500,00
In de Diamantfabriek 2018 5000,00
STUKAFEST 2018 2000,00
Amsterdams Studenten Cabaret Festival 1000,00
Four Weddings and a funeral (STA!) 350,00
Much ado about nothing (STA!) 650,00
Radio Swammerdam 350,00
Wijsgerig festival Drift 750,00
In de Diamantfabriek 2017 5000,00
STUKAFEST 2017 2000,00
STUKAFEST 2016 2000,00
De voorstelling ‘Het Wilde Westen’ van STA! 499,00
De voorstelling ‘The Fountainhead’ van STA! 450,00
Voorstelling ‘Iolanthe’ van het Amsterdams Studenten Project Koor 450,00
Amsterdams Studenten Festival 2016 5000,00
Amsterdams Studenten Festival 2015 5000,00
STUKAFEST 2014 2000,00
STUKAFEST 2015 2000,00
Conferentie Voice of Youth georganiseerd door AISA, SIB en SFSA 524,80
Amsterdam Studenten Festival 2014 5000,00
Congres studievereniging Congo 204,99
Wijsgerig Festival Drift 500,00
De voorstelling ‘Buiten word je gezien’ van studievereniging Helios 150,00
STUKAFEST 2013 2000,00
Deelname studievereniging Mozaïek NK Debatteren 2013 350,00
De voorstelling ‘De Kikkers’ van studievereninging Laverna 400,00
Expositie ‘Kunst in wetenschap’ 730,00
Wijsgerig Festival Drift 500,00
Amsterdam Studenten Festival 2013 5000,00