corona measures

Corona measures

From Tuesday 2 June, CREA will reopen in phases!

You can only enter the building if you have an appointment/reservation. The terrace of the CREA cafe is open to everyone.
For questions, you can contact us via 020 525 1414 (during opening hours) or send an e-mail to

What you need to know before coming to CREA:

Last update: 29/05/2020

What is CREA doing to make my visit safe?

We are following the regulations of the government and the recommendations from the sector organisation for cultural education and de Koninklijke Horeca Nederland. It is the responsibility of the visitors themselves to come to CREA only in good health and in limited company.
Respect the 1.5 meter distance throughout the building: give each other and the staff the space they need and use the marked routes and waiting areas.
Please note:  the main entrance to CREA is not accessible for the time being. Access to the building is possible through the courtyard. It is not possible to enter the building without an appointment. At the entrance we will verify if you have a reservation and a triage conversation will take place.

Is it possible to rent a studio at CREA?

As of 2 June, studio renters are welcome again at CREA! Our page about studio rental provides you with all the information about studio rental and also contains the additional corona conditions and additional corona house rules.
Please note: for the time being it is not possible to make a reservation in person at the desk or to create an account for studio rental. The property is only accessible if you already have a reservation for a studio. At the entrance we will check if you have a reservation and there will be a triage interview.

Can I go to the CREA cafe again?

Yes, you can! As of Tuesday 2 June, the terrace will be open for coffee, breakfast, lunch and drinks. Reservations for the terrace are not necessary. Soon there will be more information on this page about reservations for inside the cafe and how the cafe deals with safety measures.
Please note: entering the CREA cafe is only possible through our courtyard. At the entrance we will check if you have a reservation and there will be a triage conversation.

How can I attend a performance/event at CREA?

You can only go to an event at CREA if you have made a reservation or bought a ticket in advance. You can find more information about this under the event in our agenda. In June, the maximum capacity of our performance rooms is 30 visitors.
Please note: a check will be done at the entrance to see if you have a reservation and a triage meeting will take place. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the event. Unfortunately, it is not possible to enter the venue earlier. The hall will open 15 minutes before the event. Leave the building immediately after the event.

I want to take a course at CREA, how does that work?

From 6 July you can come back to CREA for our summer courses! This year we have chosen to divide the program into three parts: online only courses, hybrid courses (partly at CREA, partly at home / in the field) and courses that take place entirely at CREA. You can find more information about the summer courses and how we deal with the measures in the courses here. Before the start of the summer courses, students will receive more information about the course.
More information about the autumn courses (starting in September) will follow.
Please note: it is not possible to enter the building without an appointment/reservation. It is currently not possible to register for a summer course at our course secretariat, though it is certainly possible to register via the website.

I am part of a student organisation I want to go to our office in the Voorfabriek, from when is that possible?

CREA will open in phases. Student organisations are, subject to reservations, welcome at CREA again from 8 June. You will be informed about this. Before then, it is not possible to enter the building without an appointment.

We are looking forward to seeing you at CREA again!

CREA wants to keep sharing as much art and culture with you as possible. That is why we have made a page with the most inspiring tips in the field of art and culture, which you can view / do from home!