COVID-19 measures

COVID-19 measures

What you need to know before coming to CREA:

Last update: 14/04/2021

Due to the extended lockdown announced on 13/04/2021, CREA will remain closed until the government’s opening plan allows us to reopen.
For questions CREA can be reached by e-mail:

I want to do a course at CREA, how does that work?
Until the end of this strict lockdown, course lessons can only take place online. Because of the measures announced in the press conference on 13/04/2021, we had to decide that the real life courses that start in April/May will take place (partly) online. People who registered for a real life April or May course on or before 14/04/2021 will be notified by email. They will be given the opportunity to reconsider participation in the course until a new set date.

We will switch to real life classes in the CREA building as soon as measures allow. When exactly this will be possible we do not know yet.

Registration for courses is possible until the start of the course! The course text gives an indication of what the (partly) online course will be like. For those who register after 14/04/2021, the regular notice period applies.

What is CREA doing to make my visit safe?
Visiting CREA is unfortunately not possible at the moment.

Is it possible to rent a studio at CREA?
All studio bookings with CREA after December 15 have been canceled. The balance that is released is back on the accounts.

Can I go to the CREA café?
The CREA café is completely closed until further notice (so no take-away either).

How can I go to a performance / event at CREA?
All performances / events up to and including April 19 have been canceled.

I am at a student organization with an office / flex desk in the Voorfabriek, can I go to CREA?
The Voorfabriek is also closed until new measures will make it possible to open again.

We hope to safely welcome you to CREA!