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Through this page we will keep you up to date about the coronavirus and the measures CREA is taking.

For questions CREA can be reached at

25-03-2020: update regarding course progression

In response to the additional and stricter measures taken by the cabinet on Monday 23 March, we had to decide to extend the period that CREA is closed until 1 June. Today course participants received another email about the progress of the spring courses. Check your mail (or your spam) for more info.

We asked teachers to think about teaching more lessons online, so that they can continue the courses despite the bizarre circumstances. Whether lessons will take place online and how many lessons, will vary per teacher. We realize that this is a situation that no one has signed up for, that is why we came up with different options. For this we would like to refer to the mail that has been sent earlier tonight.

18-03-2020: update regarding course progression

Today an email has been sent to all students regarding the progression of the spring courses. Check your inbox for more information.

In short: we are looking for solutions to make the courses run digitally. Unfortunately, we do not have a ready-made solution and it will not be possible to replace all courses with digital lessons. Teachers will contact their students about the approach, and which platform will be used. We hope that this is a good alternative for the next 3 to 4 lessons. As for the remaining lessons in the course and the final presentation weekend, in due time we will decide how to proceed. As with everything at the moment, we look at it from day to day. If for any reason you do not want to participate in this special CREA plan, please contact and we will provide a solution.

16-03-2020: update: CREA closed until April 6

Yesterday, RIVM / the cabinet decided to extend the measures previously taken until Monday 6 April 2020. For this reason, CREA will also remain closed until then.

12-03-2020: CREA closed until March 31

Tonight the UvA decided that there will be no on-site education until the end of the month. Therefore, the CREA building will be closed and all CREA activities and also the rental of studios and halls will be canceled until March 31. (This despite an earlier sent email/published message.)

CREA courses

Because the UvA decided on 12 March that there will be no on-site education, we have also decided to cancel all courses until Jun 1. We will keep a close eye on all developments and work alongside with the UvA and HvA. Regarding the classes, we’ll investigate if it’s possible to catch up on these later. It’s too early to decide on this now. Check the update of 25-03-2020 for more information about the course progression.


The RIVM prescribes that activities with more than 100 participants be canceled. We follow these measures and therefore all public events in our theater and music hall will be canceled until June 1. Did you plan to organise an event at CREA in the upcoming weeks and do you have questions about this? Please contact us via 020 525 1419.

student offices

The CREA voorfabriek will also be closed until June 1. All student organisations have received a message about this.

studio rental

Everyone who has a reservation until June 1 has received a message or will receive a message. Your reservation will be canceled and the balance will be returned to your account.If you want to have this balance refunded, send us a message to this effect at with your IBAN number. For studio reservations beyond April 6, please contact us by phone at 020 525 1414 (Monday to Friday 9:00-14:00).

CREA café

The CREA café will also be closed until June 1.

CREA wants to keep sharing as much art and culture with you as possible. That is why we have made a page with the most inspiring tips in the field of art and culture, which you can view / do from home!