COVID-19 measures

COVID-19 measures

What you need to know before coming to CREA:

Last update: 20/01/2021

Due to the extended lockdown announced on 12/01/2021, CREA will remain closed until 10 February 2021. Students, teachers, studio tenants and Voorfabriek organisations have been or will be informed about this.
For questions, we can be reached by telephone until December 18 on 020 525 1414 (Monday-Friday between 9.00-17.00 hrs). In the period after that, CREA only can be reached by e-mail: From Thursday December 24, 17.00 hrs to Sunday, January 3, 2021, CREA will be completely closed (so it also cannot be reached by email / telephone).

What is CREA doing to make my visit safe?
Visiting CREA is unfortunately not possible at the moment.

Is it possible to rent a studio at CREA?
All studio bookings with CREA between December 15 and February 9 have been canceled. The balance that is released is back on the accounts. Tenants have been notified about this. CREA will be available by phone for questions until Friday December 18 between 9:00 and 17:00.

Can I go to the CREA café?
The CREA café is completely closed until further notice (so no take-away either).

How can I go to a performance / event at CREA?
All performances / events up to and including February 9 have been canceled.

I want to do a course at CREA, how does that work?
From 15/12/2020 until the end of this strict lockdown, course lessons can only take place online. Course participants and future course participants have been informed about this by email. Due to the latest announcements, it is now difficult to predict how we may and can start the courses in February.
You can still register for our courses, we just don’t know yet if we can start everything physically (at CREA) or if the start/part of the course will take place online. If you enrol for a course that starts in February 2021, you will be kept informed of any developments and we will not apply a 2-week notice period, but we will adjust it to current events.

Update 20/01/2021: CREA is taking into account that courses starting in February will have to start online/partially take place online. Teachers were asked to make a plan for this on 20/01/2020. Future course participants will be informed of this plan by email on Wednesday 27 January at the latest, and the adjusted plans will also be published here on the website/course page. The new notice period will also be communicated in this mail. Prospective students can decide about participation in the course on the basis of this e-mail.

I am at a student organization with an office / flex desk in the Voorfabriek, can I go to CREA?
The Voorfabriek is also closed up to and including 19th of January 2021. The organizations concerned have been informed about this by e-mail.
We hope to welcome you back to CREA soon!

We hope to safely welcome you to CREA!