COVID-19 measures

COVID-19 measures

Short update: 24/06/2021

As of 26 June 2021, the requirement to wear a mouth mask at CREA will no longer apply.
Due to the measures announced by the Dutch government on 18 June, effective 26 June 2021, the requirement to wear a face mask indoors will lapse if a distance of 1.5 metres can be maintained.


What you need to know before coming to CREA:

Last update: 01/07/2021

What does CREA do to make my visit safe?
We follow the regulations of the national government. It is the responsibility of the visitors themselves to only come to CREA in good health and in limited company.
Respect the 1.5 metre distance everywhere in the building: give each other and the staff their own space and use the marked routes and waiting areas.

You can only enter the building if you have an appointment/reservation. CREA’s main entrance is not in use. Access to the main building is possible via the courtyard (near the bicycle shed), the café can be reached via the entrance near the terrace. At the entrance you will be checked if you have a reservation/appointment/tickets for an event and you will be asked some questions to check your health.

For questions please contact us on 020 525 1414 (during opening hours) or email

I am taking or want to take a course at CREA, how does it work?
Do you want to take a summer or fall course? We assume that from now on this can all take place as planned at CREA. Of course, we take into account the measures in place at the time.
More information about the courses and how we deal with the measures at the courses can be found here. Before the course starts, students will receive more information about the start and progress of the course.
Please note: registering for a course at our course desk is not possible at the moment, of course you can register via the website.

Is it possible to rent a studio at CREA?
Since 7 June onwards studio tenants are welcome again at CREA! On our page about studio rent you can find all the information about studio rent and also the additional corona conditions and house rules.
Please note: the building is only accessible if you have already reserved a studio.

Can I go to the CREA café again?
Yes you can! Since 7 June you can sit on the terrace or in the café. Here you can find more information about the opening hours.
Please note: the entrance of the CREA café and the routes are different than you are used to! Pay close attention to the markings and directions from staff. 

How can I go to a performance/event at CREA?
You can only attend an event at CREA if you have made a reservation or bought a ticket in advance. More information can be found in our agenda. The maximum capacity of our performance halls has been reduced to 40 visitors for the theatre hall and 50 visitors for the music hall.
Please note: please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the event; unfortunately it is not possible to enter before then. The venue will open 15 minutes before curtain-up. Leave the building immediately after the event. 

I am a member of a student organisation and I want to go to our office in the Voorfabriek, when is that possible?
Since Monday 7 June onwards, student organisations are welcome at CREA again. They have been informed about the guidelines and the course of events.

We’re looking forward to seeing you again at CREA!