COVID-19 measures CREA courses

COVID-19 measures CREA courses

What will I notice of the COVID-19 measures during my CREA course?

last update 16/09/2021

CREA follows the protocols and guidelines concerning COVID-19 as issued by the government and industry organisations for the courses. The guidelines differ per department. Read below what this means.

This applies to everybody:

  • Every time you enter the building of CREA, you take a close look at these questions and enter the building only if you can answer all of them with no.
  • In CREA, all studios are equipped with ventilation systems that provide sufficient fresh air. The air is not pumped around, but always freshly supplied. The ventilation systems of the studios work independently of each other.
  • Please be as punctual as possible before your course and leave the CREA building as soon as possible after use. There is no room to wait in the building.
  • The group size of the course has been reduced to a maximum of 10 students.
  • The traffic areas and studios are set up in such a way that there is enough space to keep your distance.
  • The CREA cafe is also open again. Check this page for opening hours and the menu. As of 25 september you need to use the Corona Check app to enter the cafe.

Special rules are:

  • In light of the nature of the activity, there is no need to keep a 1.5 meter distance during the lesson (see government). If you would like to keep your distance, this is of course possible. Please make this known to your teacher during the lesson. (As of September 25, the 1.5m rule is no longer in effect.)

Read the basic conditions here and additional corona conditions that apply to your course registration.