Raluca Lupaşcu

Raluca Lupaşcu


After studying Economics and Project Management in Bucharest, Raluca moved to Amsterdam in search of her true passion. She found it through her deep interest in stories and people: making films.

She studied Documentary Film Directing at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam. She gained admission with her first documentary, “Bunica,” a film depicting the simple life of her Romanian grandmother—a striking example of transience. Her second short documentary, “Look at Me” (2018), delved into the inner struggle of leading a double life. Analog and digital double-exposure techniques visually supported the essence of the film. In her documentary “Twenty” (2019), Raluca embraced further visual experimentation. She aimed to expose how millennials experience time and attempt to find their place in society.

Her graduation documentary, “God was Here!” (2020), was shot in Romania, her country of origin. The film explores the struggle between faith and disbelief and the generation gap regarding religion. Her directing work earned her the Silver Dragon Award for the best short documentary film during the 61st Edition of the International Krakow Film Festival in 2021, as well as the La Guarimba Nonnina Award at the La Guarimba International Film Festival.

Her latest short film, “Tree of Lies” (2023), invites the audience to reflect on their own relationship with lying. Currently, Raluca is immersed in creating a longer documentary that aims to showcase the portrait of the Roma woman through four generations.

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