Shahin Daoud

Shahin Daoud


Shahin is a visual artist. He studied fine arts and carrying master degree along side long experience as university teaching master. His main work is painting with multidisciplinary involvement. Shahin is a self expressionist artist. He combines traditional techniques with collage and mixed media in order to fragmentize the surface. None of his work can exist without the tension between the figure facing the viewer and the abstract, one-dimensional background. The multi-layered, fragmented human characters hover between figurative and abstract, create an oeuvre of portraits that haunt him: figurative paintings of children, motherhood, friends, strangers, birds and politicians. Much of his work has been informed by the experience of his childhood, growing up amidst the social struggles. His art was displayed in many events in and out of the Netherlands, much of his work is collected from Amsterdam to Dubai, Hong Kong, San Francisco, London and Berlin.

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