Lisanne Claessens en Silke Hoppe

Lisanne Claessens


Lisanne is a meditation and visualization guide, intuitive teacher and reiki healer. She has a warm and gentle presence and a lot of Love to share. She is passionate about planting the seeds for heart consciousness to grow, from which happiness, ease and Love flow freely. She has ample experience with the university environment as a PhD student, and knows the importance of developing tools for inner balance and awareness to meet her work and herself with kindness and joy.

Silke Hoppe


Silke is trained in energy healing and reading. She loves to guide mantra chanting sessions and to work with breath. Her life is guided by intuition and has taught her to transform adversities into opportunities. She is passionate about holding space for people and to help them connect with their true essence. Silke loves to learn new things, develop her consciousness and invite magic into her life. She tackles the last phase of her PhD in medical anthropology with humor and self-love.

Courses by this teacher: