Aitana Méndez Cabrera

Aitana Méndez Cabrera


Aitana is a 25 years old woman that comes from a little island in Spain called Tenerife. She studied in Barcelona for three years different dance styles like Popping, Hip Hop, House Dance, Locking, Floorwork, Salsa and Breaking. But she specialized in Hip Hop dance House Dance. Later she got introduced to some African street styles. She started to travel to receive classes and workshops in the mainland and other countries in Europe but this was not enough for her hunger to keep learning so in 2022, she embarked on a new adventure to move to the Netherlands to become part of WOA Theater Company and open new opportunities for her growth. Later she became part of World Of Afro and a student in the college. Her dance style is a mix of all the styles that she has trained and developed during all these years. She considers her movement and art as the purest way to express herself due to the fact that she also paints and uses other ways to create. Her mission with her dance and different art forms is to make people feel, express messages and enjoy the uniqueness that we all have.


* 2019, 1st PLACE in World of Dance Spain Qualifier – SOULDIERS from Sabadell, Catalunya.

* 2020, Urban dance artist showcase for festival El Ritme Del Carrer, Barcelona.

* 2021, Dance videos collaboration with Linx Energy Drink, Tenerife.

* 2022, Dancer for Papagayo Beach Club, Tenerife.

* 2023,

Hip hop Kingz 2nd Place with WOA, Netherlands.

World of Dance Eindhoven 2nd Place with WOA, Netherlands.

Performer and dancer of the piece REBUILD choreographed by Precious Alvarez, Bijlmer ParkTheater in Amsterdam and Theater Zuidplein in Rotterdam.

Dancer for TV show Raking your Talent with WOA, Netherlands.

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