lectures & debate

lectures & debate

CREA hosts lectures, debates, film and documentary screenings about science, politics, art and culture. We receive many distinguished guests and always create room for discussion. We usually host our evenings in cooperation with student organisations.


Throughout the season CREA debate organizes evenings, usually several per week. Often we do this in collaboration with student organizations. Our program can be found in the agenda and the CREA month leaflet. You can find the leaflet at the CREA-desk and all the great buildings of the UvA and HvA.


It is not possible to make reservations for the evenings of CREA debate. Tickets can be purchased one hour before start at the desk of CREA. Admission is free for students and alumni who can provide an alumni card; the tickets are € 5, – for everyone else.

Interested in organising a debate at CREA?
Contact us at debat@crea.nl