festivals & music

festivals & music

CREA organises and supports the following studentfestivals and music events:

CREA Plug ‘n Play

Plankgasten is CREA’s open mic night. Poets, dj’s, bands and singer songwriters climb the CREA stage to show their talent. Do you also want to perform? Email plugandplay@crea.nl.

Instagram Plug ‘n Play


A booming performance in between the college books and crates of beer, an intimate recitation under a bunk bed, or a comedian at the dining table. At Stukafest, the dormrooms in 14 different cities get transformed into mini theaters where music, dance, stand-up comedy, poetry, literature and theater blooms.

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Interested in organising a festival, music night or other event together with CREA?
Contact us: culture@crea.nl